Switzerfilm, an international award winning photo-cinema business made up of four young creative minds striving to take the world of wedding cinema and photography to the next level. Traveling the world for inspiration, our team of friends will go anywhere and everywhere to top our latest work.

We find joy in teaching all over the world and help up and coming "ographers" lay the ground work for a solid future, we have limitless amounts of information to share. Over the past 10 years, the majority of our clients have become lifelong friends. Our love is our life, our life is our work.

Joe Switzer / Ashley Switzer / Katie Long / Kristin Rolla

You can’t talk about Switzerfilm without mentioning our beloved mascot, Kreature. What is Kreature, you ask? Well, we’d like to say a little slice of Heaven, but he is so much more than that. He started as a $2 flea market purchase in the wild of ­­­­­­­rural Missouri, but quickly became so much more. Mentor, travel companion, entrepreneur, philanthropist and most of all, a friend.

When he’s not supervising shoots and scouting locations, he’s eating spaghetti and making sure to capture all of Joe’s most embarrassing moments (his two favorite pastimes). Once you spend a moment with him, before you know it you will love him just as much as we have all grown to do.

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Free Monthly Articles Written by Professor Joe with educational videos.

April 7 & 8 / Shutterfest

Classes with Joe including Glidecam vs. Movi, The Video Edit, and Selling Video for the Photographer. Sold out

Feb 26 - March 5 / WPPI

Hands on 3 day video workshop with Joe sponsored by HP & Adobe. Shoot + Edit + Present the closing ceremony video at the WPPI award show. In addition Joe will be teaching a 90 minute platform class on a brand new topic that will blow your mind! At MGM Grand in Las Vegas February 26 - March 5. Sold out

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